Saturday, July 15, 2017

The spindle on the Balloon.

We all stood near mass of cars parked in the stadiums parking lots.
The food drones were busy at the long tables. As were those who urged the servers to draw up to the exceptions of the haughty sentiments of hate for the men who controlled them. After all 1000s of jobs were being lost through the strait paths of business and commerce .If something was not to their liking the interior employees just lobbied for more laws to govern the laws , which through the passages of time became outdated and never more enforced. Even the Spartans rarely aware of the utilities who constantly violated the data mines with there air of authority's had become paranoid at what had become of the military state of affairs that democracies had turned into......violating their citizens rights.
In all - yet I thought 'What is this nation now"/ over the dwindling middle class ?
The arbiter was just a pencil pusher . the poor were dyeing in droves and to most its game was turning deadly. Yet in the deserts some prudent folk in spite of the political out look got away to ride up in their balloons - much like the wizard of OZ---- IT is Ballooon! by God It is Balloon.