Thursday, July 13, 2017

One day it was super hot.

The thunder struck at awkward angles, they said to one another.
Rain was wet and wet was rain, yet it was business as usual. The cats were listening at the windows.
The youngsters' could not understand the maturity of grief unfolding in world around them..
I  in many ways saw no change in the moods  of other nations - It was as if each summer bought more of worsening anxieties' that grew ever louder through the electronic social medias of deafening  sounds above nature , then ,to at last in the faintness of the evening coolness he looked to the thoughts of the labors in life very far away - that rose up with each on- coming generation.
IT was brutally hot in trench - the fires decimated the western landscapes .
And for a long time the enemies - And that of vulnerable weather patterns - redundant as a entombed attacker in the vigor's of the most unknown, and literally nothing more then the attempt by another nation to alter the weather at first with what chance of being an effectual barrier to democracies freshness,  had then not united the council to a possibility of an identified intentness on behalf of eastern continents - to violate the pollution regulations intentionally through our own oil distilleries.
It was super hot , most creatures met the shade at night fall with the faint noise ...of a summer custom. And burning clear in the light house in the great ships small and large , approaching the Ct shores and long Island points of desires was the beacon's of hope and sight  set beam of land stretching forth its rite of way to the safe shore lands dwellings amid the woodlands shore. The refineries dropped anchor down along New Haven - where it made its way from the south western pumps abiding from the "blood of oil" and railroad baron's that had bought into food franchises with their fought for cash. It was super hot>