Monday, July 24, 2017

Lord long to strenght.

We will always belong to an age of turning out well - innate to our inner minds ,hearts and spirits that in which is part of ourselves by which we think to know is best .If their was sense in debating differences' , it has found in the diligence of each person  - its consence with the intent - an too- since the ages began - to move forward - putting aside the , malign fear of  defeat as the matter in case , - or as the learning tool taken in harm to ones self or another in which - is to how we think-  to a  - Feeling and thinking - that some are not ever so white or black to come at once in the moment to the vices of man , And  laden to the learning places in manner of experience's , or to which at most times is difficult to comprehend and understand. Is thus , to live the fear that I will die and live alone unto death. Yet I'm ok with it because it is reality,. I could have said the lion met the bull in which none could with - hold its gravity. , just as hate is tied together with my past. Or as love is to the olive tree. Mercy took a man and killed him. He said justice was done.
To start unto the subjugated as heard by all before - the task was done an over.
Every where we look to the past for solace - coats and buckles - shoes and shirts  from sleeping hours to dawn the list for peace goes on,. Yet about the world full of glee in great speed,  the magnificence of diversity with out the words to further the starts of new life , are placed to the illuminated  civilization as the benefit to mankind.

Hchapman July 23d 2017