Friday, July 21, 2017

Just tryen to live.

For those of you who have disabilities  in CT you are probably being discriminated by the local police who are serving the laws. And if you live in senior housing most probably their is illegal entries taking place within your residence. The only thing you can really do is to hire a lawyer if you can- and have them represent your concerns, It is a very sad day when seniors and war veterans are being  dissimilated because of a few very very bad people including most probably law enforcement officials who are just trying to do their job yet - are hindered by the very laws that our legislators' are passing. My personnel experience at senior housing in Stafford springs ct has been one of the worst experience's that one my age or really any age would  want to experience. IF I had better means  would have never moved here.   Or that you come across a cop that just has it in for you and that places himself or herself above the laws to screw you over. In any case do not resist - instead contact your family and friends and consider a lawyer to represent you - because their probably will lie to you any way . Race discrimination is one of the oldest moral outrages of our time going back to slavery - yet every time you turn the news on its their, pretty sad. Its the American way of making money off the less fortunate. Its nothing more then another blow to sovereign rights  of freedom. So what the state and local police use to arrest you is your health records . theses are suppose to be protected under the "Hippa laws " yet actually because of the sick mentality of law enforcement  they usually do not abide by them. There are a couple of reasons for this, number 1 - they are easy to access in in small communities where word get around in casual conversations, the other is the revolving door that DMAS has and advocate agencies where there is high employee turn over. An example is like a client gaveling over a period of years ends up getting four or five case workers. Now that might not raise any eyebrows  , but I  the real scheme of things A talks to b and b to c and before you know it when you go for help to the authorities --- well they just categorize you and throw you back into hospitals where all you wanted in the first place was a person to person conversation. It could be your friend died of an overdose or some ones sick in your family - yet because you have this stigma much like being black or of a different race , Americans first thought is usually biasness and discrimination and let me tell you its never going to change - Don't be fooled thinking that there is fairness in this day and age--- .just look what our leaders argue about every day as an example of the immature American politics taking place in a volatile world environment.
Hchapman Woodcrest housing - Stafford springs CT