Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It curious Nah.

Some time some how wrapping marching, to how again watching clutching or beaten forward by a giant ball in the loudness pinched but here on a hand , onto some plyers they circled through, and under the tree house to eat some skittles bits and pieces on a sleepy seat of van , to on the side of all her needs da - he told her some had lost there way;  closed to rise when sunny clouds you know stood in heavens dah dah dah orchards  said fools -to wait upon a nursing child to a gentle man of wealth.
Captains burning book of corn popped pleasure to the grill where knowing wrapping marching heads with two glasses in the house was raspberry beers - clutching watching child's sister about the mothers officer - to swearing on a wheel. An so 0n id on to belong to little Sid all done up on the tables pork to like the dinners party's songs like this said - Haws that whale !
When Al at once in lowliness a jumpy eye with addle lens , did peer to one of playful sleepy seat and prism to a chimneys voice to rally from the ravens black the spirit of the rivers back  in music glory on wooden crates to rise in odd toped slopes of da fogs gone down from hills off woodlands steeples  white solitudes by faith , on corners time and many souls bridged into thy friendly lectures matter - all newsfeeds saw the  shield and gun and if by masters law his fun to wrestle out the best - he'd dream about the curious floated in a bubbles cylinder and whirling to the East. Nah dat curious ...the other said its dance hah summer servants place at to a birdy kinships - outlying da speedway short roar to then a standing glassed; and if when throwing dice upon young Sid s table - a staff with pen and paper purse would ride horses back to the statutes pressure acting oh on the eyes of many oh he loss his lover below the seas of ceremony giving love to what ever money bought. It was pressure to the last bell rung -- Tibia's then a shaved head , came back home.           
They had put a sell to freedoms rock -they filled a jug a week or so to the safety boy and the freedom did rock. Twig covered streets to the sweet way to bound flowers lite candles in the hotel travel center - and the great esteem of the garden had voices calling far away saying such a earthly place is much deserving of beautiful butterflies and exotic rabbits on thin plain necks fleeing into night fall to fire up da temples.....................................Curious said one - very interesting yey how is it man?