Wednesday, July 26, 2017

His Steel and heart.

 Her body moved like a drum and guitars ting fro up above.
Acupunctures had relieved the pain.
Good people in commerce had paved the ways from the experience's of olden laws, a foundation to the foundation to the easement of the uneducated , which in turn became the students foundation to their destinies.
The prisoners who had lost their ways had in time said farewell to violence and their cradle grew in worthiness.
The circle had changed its shape - narrowing the circumstances to health and prosperity's.
And to what ever family there was or was not , to the best chances of life they lived - in the bright clouds' of life in one way or another through heavens grace , most people gained confidence in our country's sequence of chronological hardihood  and at in some part - if however small or great and like that of an blessed soul whom ate - their drew from the minds of many ,the offered of filled freedoms -allied with the great icons of industries and technologies in the stories and experience's of the unarmed .
In much easier to whom in history , one could be described as business men , content by mother to a child to a child a father as we have heard many say , was and is the precious gift of freedom that one as an adult can receive or is welcomed by.
The tower was the bridge and the bridge was the tower.
I had whistled after them in the resolution s of life, where the rapids of blood and nature wash the icy rains down from heaven designed into fashionable water bottles. The circle had formed an eclipse awakening the directions to feel in mind and heart the activities that led to enlightenment..
Land bound by violins and pianos' delights the old were youth and young became the drum notes enjoined to signals of earth resonating to the sun and the moon.

    In the states life went out for people to look at people.
Surprised at expecting something different each day , as summer still in azures clouds - summer's florals rose half way through each year bound to unlock  love , by coming out to dine at  festivities relaxing by the days in canoeing and swimming. There , where every street corner up and down to the lettered streets signs; wood and paper became the lay of the land for communities to stick up a sign , to fix a need to something aside , to our villages' betterments.
If arms and legs and hearts and minds were the functional - bright and strong as steel - so were the accomplishments' of our nations ethics and morals. Most had not thought of themselves - but of others in the coolness of international kindness. And perhaps the blame in soft or hard believer's if one rushed to this conclusion ahead of what was actually taking place - was the doing to only the perspective ruffle if then by institutions conclusion - of transparently to move forward besides the flag which stood for all. For us the world still smiled.

Hchapman 30th -2017