Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Away into earth

            Go down to the shore line and sitten along the waves take comfort in yah troubles.
I heard that she'd gone home her breathing was still in tact, and smartly on her knapsack you could here the music's mingled sound of bending guitar strings holler out onto the Hartford and Willimantic  streets. Drugs had left her no rest yet she did not think of that , the neighbor hood was darkly warm that could give you anything for a price. So one after one as it were they'd shoot down all cans set up on backyard fence . But she was not satisfied in the trails of the wood that led to the American dream. If one put on her sense of danger in the dusk of summer light asking to her grief  in a world that had suddenly been turned upside down - she 'd spin the words of an old lands song till morning sun glossed the morning mildew full of corn and small town girls. This land was made for you and me - there did she yell reacting to the shattered cans - I'll be dam if twice asking them . The aviator nodded upon the human souls - had no answers except for his despise of evil.
 The poor hated the rich.
The educated hated the un-educated.
The criminals and gangs hated the laws of those who upheld them.
 The fathers and mothers hated their sons and daughters.
The drunks hated life and its beauty .
The democrats hated the republicans .
The youth hated authority.
The military hated the genocides and dictators.
 The prostitutes and drug dealers hated democracy.
The churches coddled the masses.
The corporations hated congress.
What do you want ? Even the disabled hated Freud and Jung. Just look what they unleashed upon the world. The in-efficiency of capitalism To place the monetary gain into majority of the country.
It is till the wild west - yo each man for himself. In other words my friend their full of shit.
Them yeah that's right. so ya hear this guy just wants to get away- ha heh-- yeah he'll get away, says the rip- just put him em on  stretcher in Rockville  hosp. - so the pucken nurse- ratchet can shoot up and knock him out - for what ? he didn't do dam thing to any one or himself. . But you know bro - we just send the cops into his place when hes not their to get evidence - its all good - yeah like play en  both sides huh,
And no one gonna take the dudes side because he's in the category - get it?
You think if he says anything to management it will matter - hell we got his credit card already, and when he called for help - what think frog face said - well you know where were going now? Fjuck you and your fjuck familys.
Unfortunate yes most unfortunate my friend . Although we all come across people in life in which we do not see eye to eye with , we should not let their agendas or persons prevent us from doing the right things in life, I can say this with good mind and spirits because unlike you I was the recipient of a murderer whom went for decades with out being apprehended, in the end  I just learned how one must adapt to lives uncertainty's  .
Insanity takes many forms.
She was kneeling over a toilet bowl puking  her brains out.
They had not always been what they had become now.
Sexual abuse at a young age collided with drugs in her 2o s.
They never knew love as a gateway to peace , enduring into their adult years as
a faded picture upon a spotlights desk along with the many other victims'.
All the same they were mine. Some would say Of me that I was drowning in the integrities that were lost by morals and ethic's. - a foot in another's life yet all that gave me most peace in life was a dictionary and a paint brush - which crude to long ago saved me from blackness of peoples souls and untimely deviants that in the beginning of confidence became lost to the destitution of normal relationships  crime and corruptions. The make up of the common soul the American soul reassembled a camouflaged lizard eating up the cross belts of battering insurgents from different country's pounding at our doors. And it was all backed up to the monsters they had created themselves to finally ; at the right moment it reared its ugly teeth into the devil itself dismal to the false heaven that it claimed to have created.
And then it rose again.

Hchapman July 2017