Friday, June 16, 2017

The Dissibility and Degradation of the poor .

Time... Degradation does not accept its condition. Nor does he accept the roots to which it arose from. The "Tardigrade" was busy building a bridge between logic and emotion - between faith and disbelieve.  And of faith He was over 600 million years old, and I; belonged to the past.
Yet now old , The elevated characters' of degradation and poverty had become common place in the planes of the 21st century more than ever before. The political system had become polarized through threat of totalitarian governments' ascribing to the united states how it should conduct itself on the national platform. The eternal lines of religion were twisted . The democratic party and republican party were under the worst psychological conditions manageable through only the processes of cryptobiosis.
Yet hidden here amongst universal freedom of democracy - within all the democratic freedoms giving new rise to intellect and the right giving new rise for imperishable protectionisms for these rights of humanity - the moral laws found its self under attack through the myths of communism and socialism - that were godless.
Americanism could not accurately be described or accepted by the greatest country in the world.
The result was a great pause. A great clarity of what democracy meant and how the world had become jealous to the point of hating the philosophical convictions of our National constitution. And always there forever building was the tardigrade building up the secrets of our hearts by love and exaltation.