Friday, June 30, 2017

Connectcut Muffins

      Who had laughed in spite of everything in jeans and shirts , to a suddenness of an early breakfast?
Nothing had changed them or really appealed to them , and humidity of early summer had been tilted by the rumble of the " Stafford Springs Raceway " on the weekends for any one needing recreation. The ride up to from neighboring cites was good driving day and was just something to do for leisure. A thought had entered my mind, flashed out my eyes - with one eyelid drooping a little more than the other , to which showed a curiosity and anticipated want; yet well concealed. Along the highway of small and large country houses their was a shiftless gap of time ,where the outdoors with nurtured gardens surrounded by tall trees and bushes and kindle' wood , it was and had had been , the basic heat source for many of residences' in the countryside ;  and for those ,who yearned to live by its warmth year - round.  What had change in the country - air though I figured, that appealed to everyone , being the smell of delicious food and beverages. And so in her embroidered  clothes and pleasant smile in the flickering light of the ovens heat   - with a few ways like this or that - she emptied her hands each week  of pastry's to watch her baked goods come to life.
      A customers letter was found in her mailbox.
She knew very well of all the homes that had received them , and that were talking about it.
And on the side - lines filled with  ( flour sugars yeast chocolates nuts fruits icing's ) or not to the exclusion of leaving anything out to the absolutely perfect blend ingredient's ,  in the mist of their best recipe's with their bake pans on the store counter , a customer walked in picking with his eyes
an endearment for the families appetites. He thought with a slanting conscious - with an anxious heart ,  yet it did not occur to me that his hands were trembling, as it was not very trouble - some to him or I.  Having had know him as the elder brother of his sister in CT, with a sprit of the likes of baseball player I remembered how once in the old land of which I was raise for a time the openings of a cake in a box to calibrate our Nations 4th of July..... so down in two lines you set the rockets box ; that was to blow up in gee Caribbean sky - yes -no - which was it man ? we all want know.

        He stood with his back against the sun.
His arching arms were aching with tattoo's since the night before. Dropping down into the 4th of July skies the hard en- trails of the fireworks in the late hours of the July moon truly marked the beginning  of the blistering ancestral get a ways , taking place through out our Nation. This summer could not last forever, ; as some bakers stretched out their sales with a gimmicks figure which was attached to the top of a 1970s Volkswagen beetle ;A huge chocolate cupcake atop of it breaking the summer activities  - breezed in an casual awkwardness - to hungrily make a traveler follow it to a house of which it served,  the long awaited foods of summer , including ice creams stand alone tables.
He remembered the smell of the summer cabins and the outside work sheds , the tobacco barns and the rigors of being in prison for a short time. His demeanor made one wonder how he might move in a local soccer game , or if dragged to a motor cross event by his girlfriend, to yell for the beaten looser to carry on their dangerous courage and by this too ,he would bring the courage to win ..I thought of him this way covered in hope and good will ; much like to when I was young and hoping to clean out my friends refrigerator to the smooth cold taste of beer - that was only bound by the ring of the cash registers digital ring onto its draw. There was only one need - the need to share ; so with this endurable ideal the stature of its character sprawled in the country side at gain , we  became far greater then the dawn of the wars - that were many - and by its own light of intolerance to which in I,  had no right to speak of ;  I patched up my wishes knowing that they were forever gone and forgotten much like the pleasure of having a muffin to eat for breakfast - it had partly been part of summer and the foolishness of goal piece thoughts.

 HChapman  July 4th -2017