Thursday, June 22, 2017

A solitude by peace.

He did not look as to the land , nor the dusky twilight under the motionless summer trees till he felt an urgency ; in a solitude of peace.
Bewildered by the on set of good weather like any enduring soul , he was ready to sit quietly once more. Filled with fresh air and soft breezes people had returned to the outdoor life. And his mind
was as he questioned it - the unfamiliar scrambling to end another night. He looked about and felt nothing to do. He was comfortable in every way , his sense was busy eating oatmeal and raisins. Nothing now as summer drew nearer in the shadows of bitter imagination implied his wish to paint , to the greatest skill he had had , and seen by more sides than one in the dead of misery or happiness ; like a mainsail it lingered in his mind. What a beautiful life , what a struggling life , what a world filled with everything cold and warm between the hearts of free people. If you are not any where else then where are you? More over he thought how he undid his life, to pass the days to weeks and the months to years.
Distractions in open spaces with the haze of monumental business were the greatness of a demerit ; claiming ones life above their own affections. And it slowed to its rest each night under the motionless summer trees and along the arch ways of families and to the silent volume of a democracy with out borders. Set in the profusion of this astral land he admired , the neutral steeples of churches which seemed go up about every where ; as a vortex to heaven , and up to a certain point as he looked about his library  , he had thought since he had settled down ; to take life in stride and have no reason
for surprise -  if at the doorways sphere to salvation - to why he drew nearer to the bark of a tree than to his pew - yet both were made of wood - one outside the other as a fundamental principle of mans intellect . It was clear to him producing a format to logic and like a large knot going inside round his head that it ; had fell asleep in a chair with him.
Go to the farm!
A pale of water fell off a bench
it made a splashing hearty fall onto a grin of dressed up men ;
below the porch of red.